Non Addon Services

  • Backup Account - 10GB - ssh, rsync, sftp

    $5.95 Cost d'instal · lació
    Demanar Ara
    • Backup up to 10GB using any rsync (over ssh), sftp supporting backup client. Clients we currently recommend include Backup4All, please ask about any others.
  • File Archive Service - up to 50GB

    $100.00 Cost d'instal · lació
    Demanar Ara
    • File archive service with rotation, up to 50GB total space usage.
  • VPN Service for One Client - $2.99/month*

    Demanar Ara
    • VPN Service for One Client. A filename.ovpn will be provided with
      the server ip address and instructions on how to setup the OpenVPN
      client to connect to the VPN (which in turn routes all your workstation's internet traffic through the VPN). The connection is encrypted and no detail is logged. We will entertain specific requests for the VPN location which currently defaults to a central USA location.

      *Billed Annually