How to SFTP Upload files to site

1. Download and install an SFTP client on your workstation.

You can use WS-FTP Pro, or CuteFTP Pro, which has SFTP built-in. I use a free open-source one called Filezilla which you can download and install here:

NOTE: Filezilla uses part of PuTTY to work, so you may need to install PUTTY on your computer too. You can download PuTTY here:

2. Set up your SFTP client.

If you are using Filezilla:

a. Open the program.
b. Click on Edit.
c. Click on Settings.
d. Open Connection tree.
e. Click on SFTP settings.
f. Leave Use Compression as default.
g. Choose to Use SSH2 (a more secure SSH connection).
h. Click OK.

i. Click on File.
j. Click on File Manager.
k. Click on New Site.
l. Enter your server SSH IP address in Host.
m. Choose SSH2 for ServerType - the port number should be 22.
n. Change the port number if you have a custom one for SSH.
o. Choose Normal for LogonType.
p. Enter your SSH username and password.
q. Click on Save and Exit.

Done! Try connecting to your server now via SSH2 using your SFTP client by clicking on the connect icon on the toolbar (most left). It should work. If it doesn't, check your Host SSH IP address again, Port number, Username and Password. Remember, it's the same settings as your SSH client (e.g. PuTTY).

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