How to signup and make money with the Affiliate Program

How to Sign Up and Make Money with the SimplicityHosting.Com Affiliate Program


1.                  Go to the link provided or

2.                  Read the info and Sign up.

3.                  Receive the following email:



Dear John Smith,

Thank you for signing up with us. Your new account has been setup and you can now login to our client area using the details below.

Email Address:
Password: therealpasswordhere

To login, visit

Take care,
SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc.


4.                  Login to your account

5.                  Navigate to Affiliates Tab

6.                  Learn Your Unique Referral Link which will look something like this:

7.                  Use Your Unique Referral Link when referring customers or when signing up new customers.

8.                  Watch your Current Balance under the Affiliates Tab, when balance is above $25 request payment (please make sure your Paypal account is matched to your email address).

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