The Slow Death of Frontpage Extensions

As many of you know we have been supporting Frontpage Extensions for a long time at SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. As of 2006 the FP Extensions have been considered obsolete, I believe no development on the software Frontpage has been done since 2004. Microsoft released another program to replace it and now it seems they have been offering it free and there is the capability to ftp files instead of using the extensions. Now within the last week or so many control panel authors have opted to either remove the extensions or to phase them out within a few version ticks. At this point we could patch the running version but it would not be able to be updated for security releases and we need to have that capability. So here is an excerpt of an email sent to a client recently about this issue:

I just found out a day ago that basically Frontpage extensions are not working anywhere. Then I did some research and they are not supposed to be working anywhere either. Not even on Windows servers. There is a way around this, however, for Frontpage sites that just need to update their site and use the same types of features (marquee and such). But the way around this is also quite old, as you can see by it being now a free Microsoft product. The product is Expression Web 4 and can be downloaded here:

It will not connect, however, by opening the site unless it is done in ftp mode.
This is accomplished by going to site -> open and putting in: ftp://sitedomain.extension as opposed to http://sitedomain.extension It seems to, however, edit Frontpage sites quite ok for now not sure how long that will remain. Please use this for now and hopefully transition to another web creation software which is up to date and maintained by the author.

Thank you!
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